Austin Skin Tightening

Living in a climate like that of Austin, TX, sun-damaged skin is more than likely an issue you’ll come to face at some point in time. When most people think about available procedures to reverse sun damage and restore health to their skin, they conjure up images of painful facial surgery or injections.

However, that isn’t the case with a new, low-risk alternative treatment known as Forma, which uses non-invasive radio frequency technology to safely treat skin.


There’s no doubt about it, Austin, TX is one of the best cities in the nation to call home. With a rich and diverse urban culture intermixed with beautiful hills, valleys and lakes running throughout the city, Austin really is the ideal place to live.

However, when it comes to the best cities to live in for skincare, Austin ranks closer to the bottom. With punishingly hot and dry summers, and temperatures in the triple digits, the city is practically a breeding ground for sun damage to be rampant.

Considering Austin has so many popular outdoor events, festivals, hiking and swimming locations, Austinites spend considerably more time out beneath the sun than your average American.

That Summer tan may have looked great on you when you were younger, but years spent underneath the blistering Austin sun and the accumulated sunburns that follow start to add up as we get older, and it’s not pretty. When skin is damaged by repeated sun exposure, it begins to lose elasticity.

Elastin is one of the key structural proteins in our skin and throughout the body. It provides our skin with the ability to stretch and recoil, thus maintaining its contoured shape. The sun’s harmful rays injure our skin’s elastin fibers and overtime, healthy elastin is replaced with damaged elastin. As a result, this worn elastin becomes less effective as a skin tightening mechanism.

Another significant protein in skin tightening is collagen, responsible for supporting and connecting tissues, which is essential to giving the skin a firm and supple appearance. Harmful ultraviolet rays cause collagen to weaken and break down at a quicker rate, thus putting the natural aging process on fast-forward.

Since collagen and elastin are two of the key elements in skin tightening and maintaining a youthful complexion, the decline in these proteins cause the skin to become, thinner, weaker and ultimately take on a loose, sagging appearance. This is why it is crucial that you wear sunscreen to protect your delicate skin on your Austin outings. While sunscreen will protect you from further sun damage, it will unfortunately not reverse the damage that has already been done over previous years. So the question many Austin women are asking is “What are my Austin skin tightening options?”


As the body works to remove the damaged collagen proteins, it can no longer produce collagen at the same rate. In addition, the new collagen that the body produces is harder and less flexible than before, giving the skin a harsher, more rigid look.

Fortunately, AMedSpa has a solution for the skin tightening woes of Austin women (and men). Forma by Invasix is the only non-invasive procedure that can contour and tighten skin in just one treatment! With Forma by Invasix there is no need for surgery or injections, and better yet, the treatment requires little to no downtime.

Forma by Invasix works by using unique radiofrequency (RF) to safely heat the deep layers of the patient’s skin, while cooling the surface to prevent any damage during the procedure. This deep heating simulates the body’s natural skin regeneration process, which helps tighten skin’s existing collagen while helping form new collagen. Over time, sagging, lax skin is replaced with firmer, tighter skin. There will also be a significant improvement in the tone and texture of the patient’s skin, giving him or her a more youthful complexion.

Forma by Invasix unique skin tightening abilities don’t stop at the face though. Forma by Invasix can actually be used anywhere there is sagging, loose skin on the body. It is especially helpful for reducing the appearance of cellulite, and when you live in a city like Austin where swimsuit season is practically a year-round occasion, this is certainly welcome news!