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Tired of starving yourself and pushing your poor body to exhaustion at the gym, only to see the number on the scale remain stubbornly fixed? Then it’s time to start seriously considering the Hormone Treatment Austin weight loss program. HCG is a natural, sustainable and effective option offered at our Austin weight loss spa with easy to follow and well structured diet protocols.

You’ve probably heard of this weight loss program before, and you may be wondering why everyone’s talking about it. Well, because it works, that’s why! The HCG diet is one of the leading weight loss programs because it’s effective, safe and easy. At Aesthetica’s Austin weight loss spa, we believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy and we strive to help our patients reach their health and weight loss goals, and we help them do it quickly and easily!

To understand how the weight loss program works you first need to understand that there are three different types of fat in the human body.


This type of fat fills the gaps between organs acting as a sort of “packing material”. These fats serve important bodily functions and are always present in healthy human beings.


This fat (also commonly referred to as reserve fat) is what the body draws upon when you’re not getting proper nutrition. This is your body’s most efficient choice when it needs quick energy. This fat is spread out evenly throughout the body and does not gather in localized deposits.


This type of fat does not serve any function for the body and is the type that gathers in unsightly pockets around the belly, hips, thighs and upper arms. The only purpose this fat does serve is as a last resort against starvation once the structural and normal fat reserves have been depleted. This type of fat in essence is locked up. Obese individuals tend to be prone to more quick accumulation of this type of fat, regardless if they overeat or not.


When an obese person tries dieting by cutting calories alone, they will first use up their normal fat reserves. Once these are exhausted they will draw on structural fat and only as a last resort will the body unlock its abnormal fat reserves. By this point, the person is usually famished, weak and miserable and will more often than not abandon the diet because they are frustrated by the lack of visible results.

The hormone treatment offered at our Austin weight loss spa differs from traditional diets (which target normal and structural fat reserves first) in its ability to unlock and target the body’s abnormal fat reserves, dramatically altering the overall shape of your body. Burning this particular kind of fat can make even the slightest weight loss appear more significant, because you are losing fat in all the right places first.


HCG is a glycoprotein hormone that has several functions in the human body including maintaining progesterone production as well as immune function throughout pregnancy. This hormone is produced by pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy to help maintain nutrition for the placenta. Its main function is to supply nourishment for the growing fetus by burning fat from the mother’s body. This hormone essentially controls metabolic functions. It is the reason that while women gain weight during pregnancy, they do not become obese, i.e. gaining localized abnormal fat deposits. In fact this is the hormone that helps women restore their previous weight once the baby has been born. There is considerable evidence which indicates that it is the HCG, when produced in large quantities in the placenta, that makes it possible for abnormal fat that was previously “locked up” to be transferred back into the normal reserves and used freely by the body to make up for any caloric deficit.

Our Weight Los Program partners this hormone’s ability to release abnormal fat (even in non-pregnant individuals) with a restricted calorie diet to melt away pesky, stubborn fat that normal diet and exercise couldn’t eliminate before. It does this by balancing the mechanism within the brain that controls the distribution of fat. Doing so allows the body to consume the abnormal fat it is harboring and send it to the bloodstream to be used for energy and nutrition. This process also aids in allowing the dieter to maintain a low caloric intake with little or no discomfort.


The program offered at our Austin weight loss spa is a one of a kind diet plan that targets only the bad fat in your body, allowing you to regain your shape without suffering the headaches, irritability, weakness and hunger pains that come along with typical calorie restrictive diets. This diet program is successful for both men and women and our patients typically lose about 20 – 40 lbs over the 40 day diet program. We provide our Austin weight loss spa patients with an all-inclusive diet plan with easy to follow protocols. The program begins with a physical examination, blood evaluation and electrocardiogram. We then issue patients the appropriate medications, including high-potency vitamins, minerals and daily HCG supplements. Patients will also receive a book that outlines the diet with recipes to help make the 40 day program as hassle-free and manageable as possible. Once a week patients will return to our Austin weight loss spa where they will be administered a shot of amino acids and vitamins to help the body metabolize fat even faster.

If you’re ready to start losing pounds and inches today, give us a call at 512-899-2639, or fill out the form above for more information. What are you waiting for? A new body and a new life awaits you! Try the weight loss program and see the results for yourself.