Austin Anti Aging

Anti aging in Austin is always a hot topic of discussion. After all, aging is a part of life. There is no way around that. However, how you age is largely up to you. Premature skin aging is one of the predominant factors in the appearance of physical aging. While genetics does play a factor in how our skin will age over time, this is only one factor in the myriad of agents that cause us to look older. Most factors that cause skin damage are things we can control, including the following.

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Improper skincare
  • Not exfoliating

These are just some of the more common, baseline contributors to accelerated skin aging. In reality, the list of skin-damaging foes goes on and on; free radicals, chronic inflammation, hormones, stress, excess alcohol, processed foods and so on. When one looks at the numerous enemies our skin must face throughout the years, the anti aging war may seem like a losing battle. But do not despair, by making some simple lifestyle changes and altering your skin care routine, you can easily prevent premature skin aging and even reverse skin damage that has already occurred.


The good news is, most of the anti aging requisites that are important for healthy, glowing skin, are essentially the same requirements for an overall healthy life. In other words, these are all things you should already be doing for the sake of your health! Beautiful, vibrant skin is really just a byproduct of living a healthy life and treating your body well.

You can give not just your skin, but your entire body, a complete anti aging overhaul by cutting unhealthy habits out of your life. Things like smoking, excessive drinking, not sleeping enough, leading a sedentary life, not drinking enough water and living in a constant state of stress all wreak havoc on our bodies. Factors like these, in addition to too much sun exposure and not enough sunscreen, are all controllable attributes that can cause premature skin cell degeneration.


Healthier living combined with a strategic anti aging skin care regimen is your most powerful weapon to combat signs of physical aging. In addition to proper nutrition and health care, the products you use for daily skin care maintenance also play a big role in your skin’s health and vitality. At Aesthetica Med Spa, we have a wide selection of advanced skin care products and cosmetic treatments that can be uniquely customized to meet your specific needs.

Our Austin anti aging treatments include:

  • Fillers
  • Laser Treatments
  • Body Contouring
  • Chemical Peels
  • Skin Tightening Procedures
  • Facials
  • And much more!

Everyone’s skin is unique and what may work for someone else may not be the course of treatment that is right for you. At Aesthetica Med Spa, our Austin anti aging specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable in the medical science of proper skincare. At your free consultation, our estheticians can assess your personal skin profile and recommend the best skin care products and treatments that will address your specific needs and optimize end results. Whether you are looking to maintain your skin’s health and prevent future damage, or reverse damage that has already occurred, AMedSa can help you.


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